“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori

Faculty and Staff

Murray Janeen

Montessori Guide

B.F.A., Musical Theatre and Dance, Point Park University

Janeen joined the Amherst Montessori community in 2011 when her eldest son Connor started as a student in Children’s House. Her role at AMS has grown immensely from the start, in keeping with her interest in Montessori education and engagement with the school community. In 2014 she began substitute teaching, and in the fall of 2015 she was hired as a classroom assistant in the Young Toddler program. In the summer of 2016, Janeen began her Montessori certification at the Center for Montessori Education NY in order to step into the lead guide position in the Toddler program.

Janeen has always had a passion for teaching. She studied musical theatre and dance as an undergraduate, and has been teaching dance technique to children since she graduated from college in 2003. When she became a mother and began the process of seeking school options, Janeen was initially drawn to Montessori because she felt that it aligned with her parenting style, placing emphasis on each child’s unique ability to learn through hands-on experience. As she watched her own two children thrive in the Montessori environment, her interest continued to deepen and she pursued every opportunity to learn more.

As lead guide in the Toddler program, Janeen looks forward to facilitating exploration and fostering independence through daily routines in the Montessori environment. She aims to create a safe and joyful classroom space, and to offer guidance specific to each child’s individual developmental needs.

Janeen's personal interests include long-distance running, fitness, singing, and spending fun, silly, quality time with her two sons. She and her family reside in Holyoke with their dog, Goldie.