“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori

Faculty and Staff

Classroom Assistant

Infant and Toddler Credential (in-progress), North East Montessori Institute, Warren, Maine
B.A., Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Katie has been caring for young children for over twenty years in day care centers and home settings, and has been implementing Dr. Montessori's method via personal research and practice for almost fifteen years. The method fit seamlessly with her focus on building a career based in peace and respect. In 2010 in an effort to expand her knowledge and reach, Katie trained with the Liddle Kidz Foundation to teach infant massage techniques to new parents. After two trips to Vietnam as a volunteer teaching infant massage to caregivers in orphanages, Katie discovered a love of working with underserved populations and returned to the United States ready to provide massage therapy to children in need. Katie relocated to Ashland, Oregon from the Boston area to complete her massage therapy education where she also trained to be a birth doula. Upon returning to Boston, Katie worked for several years providing nurturing touch and massage therapy for children in palliative and hospice care, as well as attending births as a doula. She is also a certified yoga teacher with practice teaching typically developing and differently abled children. 

After the birth of her own child, Xavi, in 2015, Katie was fortunate to be able to return to work as a nanny in Boston and Cambridge, bringing Xavi along. During that time, Katie served as a Montessori home consultant providing child care as well as environmental design and education for families interested in the Montessori method. In 2016, Katie made her Montessori education official and attended the Infant and Toddler Course through North East Montessori Institute. 

Eventually, busy city life became less appealing. In the fall of 2017 Katie and her family left Boston for Amherst. Katie is excited and inspired to be joining other Montessori professionals at AMS and to be implementing Dr. Montessori's practices as part of a team of experienced practitioners in a group care setting.  

Katie strives to create an environment where each child is a respected member of the community, and she believes that the path to cultivating peace is through empathy, kindness, and the utmost care for a developing sense of self-confidence and independence. She is passionate about supporting each child and family with regard to their individual needs in the classroom and beyond. 

In addition to her work with children, Katie enjoys volunteering, social justice work, and travel. When she's not researching conscious caregiving practices, she can be found weeding the garden, practicing yoga, or hanging out in the woods with her family and their two dogs.