“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori


Tara Sacerdote

Classroom Assistant

B.A., Art History and Indigenous Studies, Smith College

Tara graduated from Smith College in 2018, where she received her bachelor’s degree in art history and Indigenous studies.  Since finishing school, she has worked on farms in the Valley, as a nanny, and as an instructor at the Farm and Garden Camp. Tara believes that building a strong understanding of food systems and a deep respect for land are both critical parts of a child’s education.

Tara is interested in the ways that young people think and communicate and is excited to help guide them as they discover themselves. She encourages children to think about how their bodies move through space, in relationship with other people, with the earth, and with themselves.

In her free time Tara likes to read books, touch dirt, and cook food. She loves cheeseburgers, thinking about vegetables, and hanging out with her friends, especially her boyfriend, Jeffrey.