“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori


Veronica Burbano

Lead Montessori Guide

Montessori Diploma, Casa dei Bambini, Association Montessori Internationale

M.A., Early Childhood Education, Grand Valley State University

B.A., Business Management, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Veronica began her journey as an educator when her daughter Martina was born. With the intention of learning as much as possible to enrich her parenting, she completed a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, where she discovered a passion for teaching young children. She was introduced to Montessori methods while working as a spanish specialist and teaching in a variety of different schools including AMS. Veronica began incorporating Montessori principles into her lessons and witnessed her students learn more quickly and with greater enjoyment. In 2012 she began her Montessori training, and ultimately launched the bilingual Casa de Niños program, now known as the Magnolia classroom, at Amherst Montessori School.

Veronica is an enthusiastic proponent of Montessori pedagogy, and believes deeply in its efficacy for fostering peace in the world and helping each child develop to their full potential. She finds purpose in her work as a Montessori guide, and love, joy, and kindness in her students.

Outside of her work at Amherst Montessori School, Veronica enjoys spending time with her husband Oscar and their two children Martina and Mateo, who are both AMS alumni. She loves swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, gardening, refinishing furniture, hiking, and returning to her native Ecuador as often as she can.