“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori


Bri Rubero

Classroom Assistant

B.S., Sustainable Food & Farming, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Bri has been working as a childcare provider since high school and, she knew she wanted to work with children in a school setting after taking her first education course in college. After growing up on a small farm in western Massachusetts and being immersed in local agriculture, she decided to study Sustainable Food and Farming at UMass Amherst. She has worked on a variety of farms and previously worked as a classroom assistant at Meadowlark Childcare in Northampton. During her internship at the Amherst Winter Farmers’ Market, she designed and led nature-themed craft activities for children on a weekly basis. In college, she learned about a wide breadth of topics, from herbalism to forestry, but found a passion for nature-based and agricultural education. Bri is excited to be working at the Amherst Montessori School, as the Montessori method and nature-based education have many intersections. Bri joined Amherst Montessori School first as a substitute and then as a classroom assistant in Casa de Niños and in Children's House level after care.

Bri spends her free time practicing photography, drawing, making music, spending time in nature, and experimenting in the kitchen.