“The teacher, when she begins work in our schools, must have a kind of faith that the child will reveal himself through work.”

-Maria Montessori


We provide a warm, safe, and supportive community that nurtures a lifelong love of learning. We honor each child's path as they become independent, confident, and compassionate individuals, while learning to care for themselves, others, and the world.

Approved November 30, 2015

The Mission Statement Task Force was created in June 2014 by alumni parent and former board president Hallie Hughes.

Task Force Chairs

June - December 2014: Kimberly Snyder, alumni parent, former board president

February - November 2015: Michele Zakashansky, current parent, board president

Task Force Members (listed alphabetically)

Hilary Ducharme, alumni parent, former board member

Desmond Fitz-Gibbon, alumni parent, former board vice president

Nicole Fuller, Upper Elementary guide

Molly Kienzler, Casa de Niños assistant

Laura LeClair, director of programs

Maxine Oland, current parent

Shelley Poreda, director of school

Molly Reynolds, former head of school

Leslie Salsbury, alumni parent, former staff member

Susanna Thompson, director of communications